Sunday, February 21, 2016

nostalgic or otherwise sentimental ramblings for the trash

your hair smelled nice

you took your clothes off at my house
and we took a nap in my bed
and nothing happened
because i was innocent once 
and so were you 

and i hadn’t slept yet
you probably had, though
and outside the world was fresh
but dying.
and the cold would come soon.

your mom was coming to pick you up
didn’t want her to know my parents weren’t home
we turned on the shower, as if to say
there is an adult in there. 
but they didn’t ask questions when they got there
you just left
and didn’t call me for a little while. 

once, in my car, 
we were going to the mall
and i quit my job, right there
to spend the day with you

just kidding.
i really fucking hated that job

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