Friday, February 12, 2016

i bit my nails
for basically
my whole life. 

i remember my 
mom clipping
them sometimes

i hated that.  i hated
the way they’d feel
afterward.  all 

sensitive.  ticklish .
when the rough nails
would scrape against 

something.  i would 
cringe.  cringe so 
deeply i’d feel sick. 

so i bit them.  and then
i got too old for her
to do them for me.

so i only bit them. 
and then one day
around twenty two

i just stopped.  for 
no real reason.  and 
now i always find 

myself amazed by how
fast they grow!  it feels
like i’m always having

someone clip them now.
i still don’t like having
them clipped.  but what else is there? 

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