Tuesday, February 16, 2016


i haven’t had a cigar
in such a long time. 
i never end up liking them. 

yet still.  randomly.  i 
find myself wanting one. 
why is that? 

my dad brought some 
from Cuba.  me and 
johnny and him smoked 

them in the living room.
they were the best, the
best cigars i’ve ever

had.  i smoked one with
Cori’s dad, too.  the
best cigars i’ve

ever had.  and to be treated
like an adult like that.
every one knew

i smoked, but i was 17.  so
i had to hide it.  not
with those Cuban cigars, though. 

what a treat.  but i don’t smoke
anymore.  i haven’t for a long
time.  all just a memory now. 

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