Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Night Eating Syndrome

wish i had a crunch cliff bar
shouldn’t have one 
it’s too late 

but i wish 
i wish 
i wish 

i had one 
because i am hungry!
why why why why why

such a strange sickness!
hungry in the night
creative in the night!

basically, i am just 
alive in the night
alive in the night!

i am nocturnal 
yes yes yes 
that is it 

i am nocturnal 
i hunt
i write at night 

this is me
i do not present it to you to
make you think a certain thing 

or to make me seem a certain way 
other than the way i am
it has always been like this 

i am a night creature
i thrive
i write at night 

Johnny and I stayed up late.  We went out to smoke one last bowl, from the sherlock, in the backyard, at four or five.  The sun was up.  But not too far.  We smoked.  And then slept.  Or tried to at least.  

I am who I am.
best to be
the best me i can be. 

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