Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Neighbors Stopped Picking Up Their Dog Shit in the Yard

the neighbors downstiars are fighting
i wish i could hear it better.  it sounds
interesting.  maybe it’s interesting to hear

more adult people than me, fight. to see
the proper way to do it or something. 
hey, i’ve got a question for you: 

do we all have to just, you know, 
write really slow, emotional “literary” 
fiction for a while before we can do

actual good stuff?  is that part of it?
do we have to write about divorces 
and stuff like that?  for a while 

before we can actually be creative? 
or is that just… something i thought of
to explain the boring world i live in?

don’t worry.  I’m not expecting an 
answer. i know that there 
isn’t really one.  to that.  or to the fight. 

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