Saturday, January 16, 2016

i played a game once
when my parents took me
up North

up North is where Minnesotan’s say 
they’re going 
all the time, when they go to their cabins

we didn’t have a cabin, though
so we just rented one

the game was called something
that i don’t remember
but there was dog in the title.

what you did, was
you ran into the lake
and got wet

and then ran out onto the sand
and rolled around and rolled around
and the point was 

to see who could get the sandiest
i don’t think i won
and i remember being really into it 

while the game was going
but then really turned off when it ended
since sand is wicked uncomfortable

i think there was a water park there
yeah, with a hot tub

i saw girls in bikinis
and felt strange
since i was young

but old enough to notice them
but too young to be noticed by them
a strange age really

there was a game at the water park
where you held on to ropes above you
and tired to walk across slippery things

it hurt my hands after a while
but before that
it was fun

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