Monday, January 18, 2016

I don’t understand
have your cake and eat it too

like, why would you want to have cake if you weren’t going to eat it

i feel like it should be
do you want to eat cake
or not eat cake

now, i know there’s SOME gray area here
like, you might buy some cake at the store
and you aren’t going to eat it right then and there
but really, what’s the plan there? 

I mean, was someone at like, an office party
and everyone was standing around with their cake
and then someone’s like
“Hey Jim, you aren’t eating your cake, is something the matter?”
and then Jim says
“I, uh, I think I just want to have this cake.”
“Well, we figured as much when we gave it to you…”
“No, I mean, just like, I’m just gonna keep it.” 
“So you’re going to eat it later?”

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