Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Hallways or Something

she says she saw 
a girl turn away
puke into her purse
and turn back.

what a terrific spectacle.
what i wouldn’t pay to 
see such a thing.  perhaps
just perhaps it is a shame

that i don’t go out more. 
oh yes.  there is or could
be a world of girls puking
over their shoulders into 

handbags.  and resuming
conversations.  uninhibited
by the typical reactionary 
beahaviors which accompany 

such an act.  such an act
as to vomit.  emetics.  a 
truly strange and otherworldly
tale.  but believable.  there is 

wonder. or mystery. or 
intrigue to be had.  in
this place.  these places
hallways.  or dark rooms. 

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